Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gigi's Birthday!

Pappy and Gigi (aka Mark's parents)

ummm Mark's hair is like WAY longer than his mom's

Pappy and Gigi came over on Thursday and stayed till Tuesday to help us with our move!! They were incredible as always and the girls loved every second of their visit. We were able to celebrate Gigi's 63rd Birthday with her on Friday! And we hit up the Cheesecake Factory to fill up our belly's with way too much food.

Elena Kay's Room

The toy section of Elena Kay's room. She has the perfect corner for all her toys. The rest of her room is coming together nicely. I'll get pics of that later. And the last room to be finished is ours :) I'm working on picking out some new curtains. And putting up our wall pictures. 

More new home pics :)

Dining Room and office space!! Yippee Cassia doesn't have to have the office in her room any more.

Kitchen and yes it's filled with all my ladybug decorations!

Cassia's room!!

Our new Home Sweet Home!!

Our new town house!! Just moved in this past Saturday. Had 8 days to pack up at our old house!! So to say the least we have been quite busy. However, we have never appreciated our family and friends more. If it were not for ALL their help and hard work we could not have done it. 

Cookie Face :)

Cassia got herself a treat last night after dinner. A chocolate covered cookie. She devoured it and make quite a mess in the process--Of course much to our amusement! And thanks to digital cameras can now black mail her for the rest of her life :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

SURPRISE!!! Jen :)

We through a surprise party for Jen's 30th Birthday on Monday Aug 4th which was actually the day of her 7 year anniversary. So, Joe was able to scheme this into a perfect set up for this great party :) She was definitely genuinely surprised much to our delight. What a fun night and great dinner!!