Thursday, February 26, 2009

Josiah Lee Rowan!!

Cassia holding his hand :)
Elena Kay kissing her baby brother who she adores!
Josiah Lee Rowan born at 2:45pm on 2/4/09 - 7lbs 12 oz and 19.5 inches
By the way--Mark proposed to me on 2/4/00 

Our sweet baby boy is here! 
This is his story:
I went in for a check up on Feb 4th and found out that I was dilated to 3cm and Josiah was breach. The doctor sent me immediately to the hospital where I continued to labor. Because of that they decided to do a c-section which I was opposed to but really had no other choice.  In the meantime Cassia was at home fighting a nasty stomach bug that turned into pneumonia. She had to go to the ER on Thursday night Feb 5th. Then Elena Kay caught the nasty stomach bug but Thank God fought it off pretty easily. Then I got an infection on my incision with blisters and all which sent me back to the ER the day after we got home. Thank God for His strength and goodness cause I was a total wreck through this all.

Josiah is now 3 weeks old and is such an amazing baby. He is so so good and God knew I needed that with all the drama around his birth. We are past all that now and just enjoying our little blessing. We could not have done it without the help of incredible family and friends. Mark's parents drove in the day he was born and spent a week and a half with us. Their help and support was amazing. My parents were also here helping out with everything as well. And mom has come pretty much every day to help out in any way she can. Our friends brought meals for almost two whole weeks and we are still getting some this weekend. 

Thanks to everyone who kept us in your prayers. We love you!!