Thursday, September 25, 2008

Work of Art!

So, Elena Kay drew a picture of Mark and it was so funny because as she was drawing it she said "I have to get ALL his hair" :) Too cute. Maybe this means daddy needs a hair cut or like I suggested this morning even just a little trim would be nice.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It'a a Boy!!

18 weeks preggos
So, today was the big reveal day!! And we found out we are having our little boy--Josiah Lee Rowan. He looked so cute, he even waved at us in one of his pics, and the ultra sound tech commented on how she had to chase him all around. Mom and I already hit up the mall to buy some boy clothes. So, Mark was happy to see that his little boy will be rockin out in his first flying V guitar onesie. 

Mark's poor car :(

So, Tuesday night Mark heard some noise looked out our window and saw a fight in our court. He did the good citizen thing and called the cops. Who informed him he was one of many calls already and that they were coming to handle the situation. Unfortunately, his car was too close to the action and the poor thing couldn't punch back when someone was shoved into it. Our property management said they evicted the house involved. Which was quick action on their part but it did make me feel good that they were on top of things and proved they don't take people messing around in our neighborhood. So little blue will hopefully get a nice face lift tonight when our friend who is a mechanic works on pulling out it's little dings.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rockin it!

Mark and I got super blessed with free tickets to the Switchfoot, Third Day concert :) We were so excited to have a date night! It had been a while. The music was fantastic and it brought back tons of memories from the good ole college days. Tiny baby was kicking away at the LOUD music and Mark was hoarse that night as if he had been singing on stage. It was too much fun!

Rainy Day ='s Play Place

Rocking in the boat

Such a Poser!

So, the other day it rained and the girls were so lovingly driving me bananas so we hopped in the car and headed to the play place :) aghh was that nice!! The girls had a blast and we even made a stop at the Hershey shop for a cookie slice which we devoured. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tiny Baby Revealed :)

So, the latest and greatest regarding tiny baby is that we find out if we are having a boy or girl on Wednesday September 17th at 10am :) We could not be more excited!!!

Elena Kay is sticking to her it's a girl guess and Cassia says it's a boy. Well, we know one of them is right so we'll find out soon who is. At-least, Elena Kay has stopped saying she wants a girl and a boy!! We had to keep reminding her there was only one in mommies tummy.

Sofia's 1st Birthday!

My Cousin Malu and her daughter Sofia :)

We were so happy to be able to drive up with Mimi for Sofia's 1st Birthday party!! It was a two day trip jam packed with excitement. We first drove to Priscilla's house to bring Merry (our cat) to her new home. Then we headed straight for the Elmo Birthday Bash at my cousin Malu's house. It was a great party! 

The next morning we went to Eliezer and Priscilla's Church and then to lunch where Ben, Malu, and Sofia met us. It was the best Bolivian food BUT of course it didn't compare--even come close to my Aunt Charito's cooking :) 

Erin's 4th Birthday!

 Elena Kay painting a masterpiece :)

The Mickey Mouse Club!!

Getting ready for a Mickey Feast :)

 Cassia playing in Anna's water table.
I know I know Erin's birthday was almost a month ago (August 15th) but I'm just now getting to post this. Just been a crazy few weeks. But we still haven't forgotten the fun we had at her party. Jen did such an amazing job as always :)