Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun!

Getting ready to head out the door to our Christmas Eve Service :)
Christmas morning at Papa and Mimi's!!!
Cassia with her new doll house!
Happy Birthday Jesus! Having dessert at Wes and Sally's.

Christmas 2008 for the Rowan's was fabulous. We had such a great time with my parents and brother. I wish I had more pictures on my camera but Eliezer was taking pictures, my dad was taking pictures and Mark was doing video. So, hopefully one day I can get pics from everyone to have a good compilation of our Christmas fun :) We were SO blessed by the amount of gifts. The girls were overwhelmed and overjoyed. 

It was just an amazing day with family---relaxing, fun, but most importantly we all were thanking God for just being the best to us!! We all have such an excitement for all that He is going to do in and through us this upcoming year. My spirit was charged with an anticipation, excitement for an amazing year ahead of us. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Elena Kay's 4th Birthday!

Elena Kay's Birthday was Sunday but we had her party on Saturday :)
All her little friends made it to the party!
Her cake was beautiful :) 
We took her to do her Build-A-Bear. She got a bunny she named Fluffy! She has one for every year. 
Then on Sunday after Church we went to Chuck E. Cheeses! Another fun tradition. Haven't figured out if it's more fun for daddy or for the girls though :)

I can't even express how big and grown up Elena Kay is getting. She is the doll of the house for sure. And if I'm having such a hard time with her turing 4, I don't even want to imagine what I'll be like next year when she turns 5. I guess it's just hard seeing her change from baby to little girl. But she is truly a blessing and I know she is going to be such a big helper when the baby comes! We love you Elena Kay---Happy Birthday once again :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My sweet Grandma Lee!

My Grandma Lee, my dad's mother, her birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year!!
Blowing out her candles :)
Cassia really enjoying her cake as Elena Kay fed her.
Me with my Grandma!

We were so blessed to have my Grandma join us for Thanksgiving but even more so because it was her birthday. She is my last grandparent alive so we treasure each and every moment with her. She is an amazing woman who I love so very much :)

Gobble Gobble!

Dad and Mom pulling out our gigantic Turkey :)

The girls wearing their Korean Dresses. Cassia wore the dress that I wore on my first birthday!
Mark with his parents :)
Clean up time :)

Thanksgiving this year was very special because we got to have it with my parents and Mark's parents. My brother Eliezer came from DC. Also, my Grandma Lee, Uncle John, Aunt MeeJung, and cousin Esther came from Newport News. And friends from our cell group came as well. It was a wonderful day filled with family, friends and feasting!! I have so much to be Thankful for this year! Here are just a few of those things-- wonderful family, always there for us friends, health, a good job for Mark, an amazing Church, and a new baby on the way! I have found myself Thanking God on so many days this year. He truly is our provider and our strength and through Him all things are possible. And because of this Hope that fills our lives only the best is yet to come :) If you are reading this you are for sure one of those that I have thanked God for on many occasions. Keep on keeping on and please know you are loved more than you can imagine!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Costume Fun!!

Little ladybug Cassia and Barbie Island Princess Elena Kay

Yesterday we had fun dressing up for our Church's Halloween Party! There were so many people there. They said they were expecting 5 thousand people. Pretty amazing! Well, it was a fun night of food, games, hayride, and lots of dancing for Cassia. She so loves music and will kick a groove where ever she is.

Friday, October 31, 2008

We Love our Dinner :)

Yesterday we had spaghetti for dinner and it always seems to be a hit with the girlies. I had to take their pictures because simply these pictures just say it all :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party :)

Grayson, Elena Kay, Anna, Erin, Andrew, and Cassia :)
Grayson after blowing out his candles on his banana split!!
Cassia pinning the ice cream on Curious George's cone :)
Elena Kay's turn to pin the ice cream.
Coloring pictures at the party!

Grayson (Jeanette's youngest son) turned 2 on Friday. But his birthday party for his little friends was on Thursday.  It was a Curious George party. Jeanette made home made pizza with yummy sides like carrots, bananas on a stick, etc. but the best was the dessert--banana splits with toppings galore!!

Pumpkin Fun at Cell :)

Mark's pumpkin! He's pretty proud of it.
Donny's pumpkin! Go McCain and Palin :)

At our last cell group we carved pumpkins for fun!! It was hysterical :)

Last Summer Day!

Our last summer day was spent at the Botanical Gardens enjoying the last day of the sprinklers!! And we even got to have a picnic outside on a tree house like platform.  Perfect end to the summer :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

8 year Anniversary!!

Wright Brother's Memorial

Bodie Lighthouse
Elizabethan Gardens
Jockey Ridge Sand Dunes

We went to the Outerbanks for a one night, two day weekend getaway! I haven't had so much fun in a long time. Felt like teenagers but then realized I'm 30 and pregnant and feeling every bit of this adventure. But I wasn't about to stop. We walked a ton and laughed our heads off every step of the way. Mark had the whole weekend planned out. We started off at the Wright Brothers Memorial. Did lunch at Awful Arthur's, hit up the Bodie lighthouse, went to a state park that housed the lost colony as well as the Elizabethan Gardens. On the way to check in to our hotel we did the outlets. Then we went to dinner at Tale of a Whale and watched a movie that night. All on Saturday our first day there :) Whew--it's tiring just writing all of that. Then the next morning we did the cheesy beach gift shops/fudge shops, and played putt putt at this amazing course. Then we did lunch and headed home where I slept the entire car ride home. Yes, from pure exhaustion but utterly happy and content with an amazing weekend with the love of my life. 

Disney on Ice--It's a dream come true!

All dressed up for the show!!
In front of the Hampton Coliseum. 

Disney on Ice came to Hampton in the beginning of October and I just had to take Elena Kay. This is her second show. She went two years ago and LOVED it :) Once again she was mesmerized by the performance and even jumped to her feet to dance to the music. I think I had more fun watching her enjoy the show then watching the show it self. We went with my parents and Leah and Anna Sophia who had her grandma with her as well. It was truly "a dream come true" --- in the words of Elena Kay.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Perfect Zoo Day!

Mama Lion watching over her babies :)
Daddy down below caught in the middle of a BIG yawn!
Mimi and my girls on giant turtle statue!
Leah, Abby and Anna Sophia :)
We went to the zoo last week and had the perfect day there so far. Leah has a membership that gets us in with her for free which is a huge blessing. But what made it such a great day was the cool weather and lack of people there. We went at our own pace, the girls loved every second and more animals were visible today than previous visits. It was the beginning of Fall for me!!