Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day!

Father's Day was a blast! The girls and I got Mark a cool hat and sweet shirt. He was decked out for Church. He has never got so much attention in one day in his life!! And of course I didn't get a picture. SHAME SHAME. Oh well, I promise to post one when he wears the outfit again. Cause trust me if you did not see him Sunday it is a must see! He so could have been on the cover of GQ or Vogue Men. He was stylin for sure. Well, Papa and Mimi got back from a trip to FL so we had dinner with them. The girls were oh so happy to see them. These are a few pics from after dinner. 

Dylan's 5th Birthday Party!

Dylan had his 5th birthday party this past Saturday June 14th. It was a Nemo pool party. Nemo was also celebrating his 5th bday too.  The girls had such fun in the pool. And so did the grown ups. We were having so much fun I didn't have time to take any pictures of that. But we were so proud of Elena Kay as she got brave and swam around all by herself with the help of her inner tube!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eating Popsicles!

So, it's another scorcher of a day. The only time I attempted to venture past the security of our AC was to take out the trash. I held my breath made a dash and then ran back inside to the comfort and chill that so nicely awaited me.  So, what do you do on a day like today but eat popsicles --Oh NO! not outside but inside! They would have melted in seconds. And then I would have had to eat the popsicles all by myself :) Poor little girls cannot stand the intense heat. We tried a Walmart run yesterday. We succeeded but definitely decided that we wouldn't be going anywhere after that!

Suffolk here we come!!

Cassia, Grayson and Anna
Elena Kay and Erin
Eating grapes!
Aunt Jen and Anna
Dylan turns 5 on the 13th. The girls are so excited for his party this Saturday. I'm sure I'll blog about it later.

We finally made our way up to Suffolk on Wednesday June 4th. It had been a while and we wanted to let the kids play outside in the water. Well, we definitely picked a HOT day. The kids had so much fun and we sure did sweat a lot. Jeanette had lunch for us and the kidos had so much fun!

Washing the Car!


Elena Kay washed her first car on Saturday May 31st. Mark watched the girls for me that morning so I could get the Liberty's oil changed, and run a few errands. A small nicety that I enjoy since I rarely get to go run errands without the girls :) 

Well, when I got back Mark decided to wash his car. And Elena Kay wanted to help out. It was too cute not to capture this memory. Of course it was perfect that she was doing it wearing a dress! She is all girl. No matter what she's doing she will do it while looking beautiful!!